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How can I submit spam/virus/other messages from my Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall to Barracuda Central?

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Solution #00005466


Email Security Gateway, firmware 4.0x and newer.

To help Barracuda combat more spam and make your Spam & Virus Firewall more effective, it is best to submit the spam messages from your message log to Barracuda Central.

On Firmware 4.0x:
  1. Navigate to BASIC > Spam Checking. If the "Submit Email to Barracuda Central" feature is set to Yes, you can select one or more messages from the Message Log to submit to Barracuda Central engineers for further analysis.
  2. Next, navigate to BASIC > Message Log.
  3. Select the message(s) you would like to submit.
  4. Click either the Spam or Not-Spam button.
  5. In the pop-up window, select Submit to Barracuda Central and click the Apply button.

 On 4.1x and above:
1. Find the message(s) that you want to submit and, "click-to-check" on the box to the left of the message so that it is selected in the message log, do this for any further spam messages you wish to submit.
2. Navigate to More Actions drop down, located on the light blue bar above the Message Log.
3. Select the following option > "Submit to Barracuda Central as Spam"

To configure what messages are sent back to Barracuda central for virus checking:
In the Basic > Virus > Barracuda Real-Time Protection field, select either: 
  • 'Send virus variants' to submit to barracuda central to help us in building virus databases faster, or choose
  • 'Do not send virus variants' to not send us information.

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