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Why is it suggested that the Bayesian Database be turned off by default?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00005467

All Email Security Gateway

Spam, in recent years, has become more of a "moving target." Modern spam campaigns have become shorter and more targeted. As a result, your Email Security Gateway's Bayesian database may not be as effective as it once was unless it is constantly maintained by frequently adding similar numbers of Spam and Not Spam messages.

Thanks to recent feature enhancements, a Bayesian database is not necessary to effectively block spam messages to your email server. Enhanced fingerprinting and Zero Hour Intent are two features that proactively block spam by identifying new threats in real-time. When a Email Security Gateway across the globe encounters a new spam message that has a certain characteristic, this is reported back to Barracuda Central. An update will then be pushed out to all boxes identifying the new spam message and blocking them.

Additional features can be utilized as well. The Block/Accept tab contains policies that can help a user block certain patterns of messages, such as:
  • Content Filters
  • Character Sets
  • Regional Settings
Additional Notes:
To help Barracuda combat more spam and make your Spam and Virus Firewall even more effective, it is best to submit the spam messages from your message log to Barracuda Central. To do this, please follow the procedure in Solution #00005466 .

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