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What is the Barracuda Whitelist on my Email Security Gateway?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00005517

Applies to all Email Security Gateways, firmware and above.


The Barracuda IP Whitelist (BWL) is a database of IP addresses known to Barracuda Networks to follow good email practices, and provides a way to identify and deliver good email, while minimizing false positives and improving performance on the Email Security Gateway. This list is generated from both human reviewed and algorithmically identified IP addresses.

Messages received from IP addresses on this list are scanned for viruses and will be blocked should a virus be detected, but all other spam scanning will not be performed unless it is specifically blocked in the Block/Accept -> IP Block section of your Email Security Gateway. 

It is strongly recommended that the BWL option be set to On. However, if desired, the Barracuda Whitelist can also be turned off under Block/Accept > IP Reputation > Barracuda Reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Barracuda Whitelist:
  • What addresses get placed on the Barracuda Whitelist?
    • Barracuda Central identifies and only whitelists senders who are CAN SPAM compliant.  This means that the sender will honor the unsubscribe request.  Any sender not adhering to the unsubscribe requests will be removed from the Barracuda Whitelist. 
  • What should I do if I notice email that is clearly spam being allowed by the Barracuda Whitelist?
    • If you're receiving whitelisted email that are clearly spam and are not CAN SPAM compliant, please send them to Barracuda Central so the senders can be reviewed and potentially removed from the Barracuda Whitelist.
  • How can I block mesasges from addresses that are on the Barracuda Whitelist (not recommended)
    • If an IP address is on the Barracuda Whitelist and there is invalid traffic coming from that IP, the IP can be added to Block/Accept > IP Reputation > RBL Exemption IP/Range (netmask: Then notify Barracuda Networks Technical Support immediately for possible adjustments.
  • Why is my Spam Firewall constantly contacting Barracuda Networks' servers?
    • Updating the Barracuda IP lists can be the cause of frequent contact between your Spam Firewall and Barracuda Networks' servers (see solution #00002313) These updates automatically occur as often as 4 times per hour when either the Barracuda IP Reputation or the Barracuda Whitelist features are enabled on the Block/Accept > IP Reputation page.
  • Why isn?t email coming in under the Barracuda Whitelist on a Email Security Gateway?
    • We may not have all the IP addresses that a particular domain is sending from. If a whois is performed on the IP it should provide all the associated domains and IPs. This can then be sent to engineering. If it is a mass mailer IP or domain, it may not be added to the Barracuda Whitelist due to the fact that it may be used to send spam emails. There is no ETA or guarantees on when any entries are added to the Barracuda Whitelist.

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