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When will the Email Security Gateway's Exchange Anti-Virus plugin scan messages on my Exchange server?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 3 years ago

Solution #00005976


This solution applies to the Email Security Gateway's Exchange (Anti-Virus) AV Plugin.

The Exchange AV plugin, when installed on an Exchange mailbox server, will scan messages under four different circumstances which are outlined below. These begin with the associated configuration name on the Spam Firewall, if any.
  1. On-Access Scanning (Configurable): When a non-caching mail client connects and is not utilizing cached mode, each message which is pulled down will be scanned by the Exchange AV before being presented to the client device.
  2. Proactive Scanning (Configurable): When an email message is initially received or sent by the mailbox server it will be scanned by the Exchange AV plugin before being routed to it's final destination.
  3. Background Scanning (Configurable): When the virus definitions that govern the Exchange AV plugin are updated the plugin will rescan all email on a low-priority thread to attempt to catch any viruses that may have been missed in a previous definition.
  4. Quarantine rescan (Not configurable): When the virus definitions are updated as above, the plugin will also rescan messages present in the quarantine in order to identify and correct any false positives.

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