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How do I find the internet headers of an email in outlook 2007 AND 2010?

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  • Date changed: one year ago
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Email Security Gateway, All firmware revisions and Email Security Service.


In Outlook 2007 this is accomplished by right-clicking on the email and finding the internet headers in the message options.

In Outlook 2010 there are 2 was this can be accomplished.

1. By opening the message:
-Double click the message to open in it's own window. Then select File > Info > and click the Properties button. The Internet headers will be at the bottom of the Properties window that opens when you click Properties.

2. By leaving the message closed:
  • If you do not want to open the message first, but want to access the Message Options dialog directly from within the main Outlook window,  you can add the Message Options command to your Quick Access Toolbar. To do this follow the steps below. 
  • Click File > Options
  • Select the Quick Access Toolbar on the left.
  • Set the Choose commands from dropdown list to; Commands Not in the Ribbon
  • From the command list select; Message Options.
  • Press the 'Add >>' button.
  • Press OK
Once added to the Quick Access Toolbar you can select a message and click on the Message Options button. This will open the options window. The Internet headers will be displayed at the bottom of the window.

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