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How do I export email from the message log of my Barracuda Email Security Gateway?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 10 months ago
Solution #00006104


All Email Security Gateway, Firmware versions and above. 


First apply a search filter to the content of the message log. Go to Basic > Message Log. Under Log Display click on Select Filter. Choose "From" full address:. Leave the default of 'is equal to' and enter the full email address of the user you want to export email for. (See Example Below)

Next select the messages you want exported by clicking in the check box to the left of each message. Then click on Export > Export Selected (if you've chosen specific messages) or Export > Export All. This will bring up a popup window for naming the file. Name the file then click Ok. This brings up another window for you to select where to save the file. Choose a file location and click Save to export and save messages as a CSV file.


1. You may wish to start by selecting Inbound or Outbound from the drop-down menu option under Log Display.

2. From the Filter drop-down menu select a part of the message or a type of message on which to filter (i.e. Subject, From, To, Time Range, (spam) Score, Blocked Messages, Valid Recipients Only, etc.). If you are filtering on a specific message type (Whitelisted Messages, Quarantined Messages, etc.), skip to the last step.

3. Select a filtering operator from the second drop-down menu such as contains/doesn't contain or is equal to/not equal to in relation to the part of the message on which to filter. This selection will be applied to a pattern you enter.

4. Finally, enter the pattern that is contained or not contained in the part of the messages to filter. The filter criteria is not case-sensitive and may not include the special characters '\' or '/'.

5. Click + to specify additional filters or - to remove a filter. When you add a filter, an AND or OR button will appear between the text box and the Search button. Clicking the button will toggle between AND, and OR, so you can use either operator with your filters.

6. Click Search to see the matching results.

Note: there is no way to export all messages from the message log. If you what an external record of all the mail passing through the Email Security Gateway then you need to use the syslog export feature. Additional information on that can be found here


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