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What can I do when the v6 Outlook plugin does not work when using a custom HTTPS port on the Email Security Gateway?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00006695


  • This affects all customers using v6.0.x and above of the Barracuda Spam Firewall.
  • Outlook plugin v6.0.28 and above.
  • Some configurations of the Email Security Gateway require that the HTTPS port be changed from the default of 443 to some other port number (eg: 444). This is often done because the Barracuda will intercept other services that use HTTPS access (eg: Exchange OWA).

If you are using a custom HTTPS port on the Email Security Gateway and are not using HTTPS to access the login page on the Barracuda,  using the new v6 Outlook plugin will fail. The new plugin authenticates to the Barracuda using HTTPS. If you are using normal HTTP to access your Barracuda then the plugin will attempt to use the standard HTTPS port (443) to connect to the Barracuda which will fail.

To resolve this problem you must set your Barracuda to use HTTPS ONLY access (set on the Advanced->Secure Administration page.

Once you have done this, wait until new mail comes into Outlook that has your HTTPS port listed. You will see this as a line in the headers of the message that shows


(Note the above string is an example only. Your header will show your barracuda IP/Hostname and https port number)

Next, when you have new mail in Outlook, you will need to access the Barracuda Outlook Plugin configuration page and click the REBUILD button. The Plugin will read the new mark.cgi line and see the custom HTTPS port and the plugin will authenticate correctly to the Barracuda.

NOTE: This will require all access to the Barracuda to be via HTTPS. If you are using the default certification that comes with the Barracuda your web users will have to accept the certificate. To avoid this issue you will need to install a certificate on the Barracuda.

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