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How Can I Block, Quarantine or Tag mail based on the characters in a message and not the character set used.

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  • Date changed: 10 months ago
Solution #00006962  


All Email Security Gateways & Email Security Service, All firmware versions.


On this website there are about 100 different language character classes. Cyrillic, Han (Japaneses, Chinese, Korean), Arabic and so on.


Using these character classes we can us a very simple re2 (regular expression) filter that will look for 4 characters in a row from a class and do whatever you want with it (allow, quarantine, block)




These would be individual content filters on the Email Security Gateway (v6 and above) or in BESS.

Additionally: If you change the lower case p in the filters above to an upper case P the filter will work in reverse.

so this

   [\p{Cyrillic}] {4}

Will match against any 4 Cyrillic characters in a row and this

   [\P{Cyrillic}] {4}

Will match against any 4 characters in a row that are NOT Cyrillic.

And here are some slightly more complicated filters that you can use:

This catches all non-latin/ascii messages


This catches all non-latin/asciii/Japanese/Chinese/Korean


This catches all non-latin/ascii/Cyrillic


visit https://github.com/google/re2/wiki/Syntax for a full list of all the character classes you can use.

This is the CORRECT configuration for these filters.







These are INCORRECT configurations for these filters



Important Notes:

You should NOT select the ATTACHMENT option in ESS when adding the above filters. It WILL result in false positives. When adding these filters only select the SUBJECT, BODY and HEADER options to prevent false positives.

The first filter above is the very best to use if the customer only accepts LATIN based email. It will stop just about everything else.

It is important to add the {4} at the end of the filter. Lots of LATIN email has foreign charters in it. This requires that at least four (4) characters in a row are in the mail before it is caught.

You can change the {4} to a higher or lower number to fine tune this filter to your specific needs

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