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Troubleshooting and Error Messages

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Message Log entries with subject:
Message has no content

Indicates an incomplete SMTP transaction due to a failed connection.

The Barracuda Email Security Service logs all failed connections and the log entry for the message shows the from/to data, but does not have any header or body content. This mail includes messages that are malformed or are addressed to invalid recipients.

Disabled or suspended account

If your trial period expires before you purchase a subscription, or if you do not renew your subscription, a warning message displays at the top of the web interface noting that your account has expired, and is either suspended or disabled.

See How to Re-Enable a Suspended or Disabled Account.

Mail incorrectly blocked for the
reason: Score

Message Log displays Score as the reason a message is blocked.

If a message is incorrectly blocked, select the message and click Report as Incorrectly Blocked. The message is then sent to Barracuda Networks where scoring is reviewed and any necessary modifications are made.

Messages marked Delivered in
Message Log, but were not delivered to
recipient account.

Attempt delivery again. Click Deliver for one or more selected messages in the Message Log:

  • If a message is successfully delivered, a new message entry appears in the Message Log with the Delivery Status of UI Delivered.
  • If a message cannot be delivered, you are notified by a message in your browser. A new message entry appears in the Message Log with the Delivery Status of Not Delivered.

If delivered messages are consistently not getting through to the recipient's mailbox, there might be a filter on your mail server or a service on your network catching the mail as spam. Check your local trash/spam folder for the missing mail.

See Understanding the Message Log.

Undergoing maintenanceBarracuda occasionally makes changes to the system which renders some or all pages temporarily unavailable. You can continue to view page content during this period. Once maintenance is complete, all functionality is restored.



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