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Secured Message Transmission

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To prevent data leakage and ensure compliance with financial, health care and other federally-regulated agency information policies, the Barracuda Email Security Service provides several types of encryption for inbound and outbound message traffic. 

Send Messages Over an Encrypted Channel

TLS provides secure transmission of email content, both inbound and outbound, over an encrypted channel using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

To require mail to be sent outbound from the Barracuda Email Security Service over a TLS connection, you can enable Force TLS for each domain on the Outbound Settings > DLP/Encryption page. Mail sent to these domains must be transmitted across a TLS connection. If a TLS connection cannot be established, then the mail will not be delivered.

To require mail coming inbound to the Barracuda Email Security Service to use a TLS connection, use the SMTP Over TLS setting on the Domains > Settings page for each domain. If you enable SMTP over TLS, then if TLS is available on your organization's mail server, inbound mail is sent over a TLS channel. If not, mail is sent in cleartext. 

Outbound Mail Encryption

For guaranteed message encryption and ensured delivery of outbound messages, use the Barracuda Message Center to encrypt the contents of certain outbound messages. You can create policies for when to encrypt outbound messages on the Outbound Settings > Content Policies page for a domain. For details about using encryption with the Barracuda Message Center, see How to Use Encryption of Outbound Mail. For end-users, see the Barracuda Message Center User's Guide.


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