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Outbound Mail Scanning

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Before using the Barracuda Email Security Service outbound filter, go to and verify that your outbound IP address is not on the Barracuda Reputation list. If present on the list, contact Barracuda Technical Support and request removal before using the outbound service.

Table 1. Outbound Mail Settings.

Outbound Mail Scanning
All messages routed through the Barracuda Email Security Service are subject to a 300MB size limit. This includes all headers, body, and attached content.

Outbound mail scanning includes:

  • Spam Scanning with Block or Quarantine actions
  • Virus Scanning  
  • IP Address Filtering
  • Sender Domain, Username or Email Address Filtering
  • Recipient Email Address Filtering
  • Content Filtering (Subject, Header and Body) with Block, Allow, Quarantine, Encrypt, or Do not encrypt actions
  • Attachment Filtering
  • Intent Analysis

The following tools are not applied to outbound mail:

  • IP Reputation, a sender authentication mechanism
  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF), a sender authentication mechanism
  • DomainKeys (DKIM) inspection
  • Exempt/block list

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Outbound Mail Encryption

To prevent data leakage and ensure compliance with financial, healthcare, and other federally regulated agency information policies, you can require all email sent from any or all configured domains to be encrypted by configuring outbound mail encryption policies on the Outbound Settings > Content Policies page at the domain level.

Inbound and outbound email transmission can also be required over a TLS channel.

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Outbound Message Footer

You can configure Barracuda Email Security Service to append a custom text and/or html footer to each outbound message at the global level on the Outbound Settings > Tagline/Footer page.

Appending a footer to outbound messages will cause outbound messages to fail a DKIM check, affecting mail delivery for recipients who check for DKIM.

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