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Understanding the Message Log

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If you make setting changes, allow a few minutes for the changes to take effect.

The Message Log is a window into how the current spam, virus, and policy settings are filtering email coming through the Barracuda Email Security Service. Use the information in the log to help tune your inbound and outbound policy settings. Note that messages expire after 30 days. Initially the reading pane is hidden by default allowing you to quickly scan through messages.

Sort messages using the Advanced Search feature to quickly view email by allowed, deferred, quarantined, encrypted (outbound), or blocked messages by domain, sender, recipient, time range (last 2- 30 days), envelope to, envelope from, reason, action taken (see Message Actions), date or subject. The Message Log reflects all email traffic through the Barracuda Email Security Service at the global level. If you click on a verified domain on the Domains > Domain Manager page, a tab for the Message Log for that domain displays. Additionally, you can track end-user quarantine notifications in the Message Log.

All messages going through the Barracuda Email Security Service are subject to a size limit of 300MB. This includes headers, body, and any attached content.

Filter the Message Log

When viewing the global Message Log, you can choose to view only Inbound or only Outbound mail using the Message Log Filter. You can filter on All, Allowed, UI Delivered, Email Continuity, Not Allowed, Blocked, Deferred, or Quarantined messages. For details on each of these actions, see Message Actions.

Note that if you have configured more than 10 domains, you cannot search on All Domains at one time; rather, you must select one domain at a time to search. For more information on filtering at the global level, click Help on the Overview > Message Log page.

The User Message Log is less comprehensive than the global, administrator's Message Log. For example, users cannot see outbound mail in their Message Log. For more information about viewing and filtering messages, click Help on the Message Log page at the global level or after logging into a User account.

Spam or Not Spam

Occasionally the Barracuda Email Security Service may incorrectly identify a piece of mail as Spam (false positive) or Not Spam relative to the policies you have set. You can tune the Advanced Spam Detection Scoring levels on the Inbound Settings > Anti-spam Antivirus page by selecting Custom and adjusting the score for each category based on what type of mail you consider to be spam.

Use the Spam and Not Spam options on the Message Log page (both at the global level and the user account level) to mark a message as such. Those messages are then sent to Barracuda Central for analysis.

Deliver Messages to Recipient

You can click Deliver for one or more selected messages in the Message Log if you decide the message is valid. If the message is successfully delivered, the Delivery Status changes to Delivered. If the mail cannot be delivered, this is reflected as a notice in your browser window and the Delivery Status does not change.

If the Reason field for a blocked message displays as Advanced Threat Protection, you cannot immediately deliver the message. See Advanced Threat Protection Reports for details.

If delivered messages are not making it to the recipient's mailbox, it may be due to a filter on your mail server or a service on your network catching the mail as spam. Check your local trash/spam folder to locate the mail.

User's Message Log
Individual users have an additional option to remove selected messages from their personal Message Log. The user can select one or more messages, and click Delete.

Message Details

Click on a message in the table, and click Show Details in the message header to view additional information including IP address, recipients, action, reason, and delivery status. The administrator (or user, when viewing their own account) can then elect to View the entire message and take actions on the message.

If your Message Log shows an email message with a subject of Message has no content,  this is due to a failed connection. The Barracuda Email Security Service now logs all failed connections. The record for a failed connection shows the from/to data, but the log entry does not have any header or body content. As a consequence, mail that is malformed or is addressed to an invalid recipient displays in the logs with the Message has no content in the Subject line.

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