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Barracuda Essentials

Managing Domains

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If you make setting changes, allow a few minutes for the changes to take effect.

Your Barracuda Email Security Service only accepts emails addressed to domains that it is configured to recognize. After adding and verifying all domains you want the service to manage (see the Configure Your Mail Servers and Domains section of Barracuda Email Security Service for SMTP Mail Server), you can select to manage each domain individually so that you can configure different policies and settings.

Configure Policy for Individual Domains

To configure a policy for an individual domains, go to the Domains page. In the Domains Manager table, click Manage in the Domain Options column to view the Message Log, view Statistics, and manage all per-domain settings for the selected domain.

Domain-Level Settings

Domains you add and verify are initially configured with the specified default global settings. Once you are managing an individual domain, the same Message Log, Inbound Settings, and other tabs display, but the Domains tab is not visible. At the top of the Overview > Dashboard page, the following message displays:

You are now managing settings for <domain name>. Return to account management.

Click Return to account management to manage global settings for all domains, or to manage settings and policies for another domain.

When managing a particular domain, the settings you change apply to that domain specifically and override global settings for that domain.

If the administrator deletes a domain, a dialog box prompts for confirmation of deletion. For details about domain settings, see the Domains > Settings page and click Help.

Designate Domain Administrators

You can assign certain users to manage one or more domains in the Barracuda Email Security Service. These users can add mail servers, edit domain settings, view the Dashboard page, and manage all policies for those domains.

To designate a domain administrator:

  1. Go to the Users > User List page.
  2. Select a user, and click Edit in the Actions column.
  3. In the Managed Domains list, select one or more domains that this user can manage.
  4. Click Save.

This user is now a Domain Administrator for the selected domains, and can now manage inbound and outbound email policies for these domains in the Barracuda Email Security Service.

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