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Content Analysis - Outbound Mail

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See Regular Expressions for advanced filtering text patterns. HTML comments and tags in message HTML source are filtered out so that content filtering applies to the actual words as they appear when viewed in a web browser.

See Outbound Quarantine for more information on messages can then be viewed, delivered, rejected, deleted, or exported from the Overview > Outbound Quarantine page.

If you make setting changes, allow a few minutes for the changes to take effect.

Custom Content Filters

Customize content filtering based on any combination of subject, headers, body, attachments, sender, or recipient, and apply to outbound mail. See the Outbound Settings > Content Policies page for settings. Filter actions for outbound mail include Block, Allow, Quarantine, and Encrypt.

Attachment Content Filters

All outbound messages, including those from exempt senders, go through attachment filtering. On the Outbound Settings > Content Policies page, you can select to filter text matching the entered pattern based on File Name or MIME type, and select whether to Block, Ignore, or Quarantine outbound messages. Additionally, you can select to Block, Ignore, or Quarantine attached archive files that require a password to unpack.

Message Content Filters

Enter filter patterns and select to Block, Allow, Quarantine, or Encrypt for Subject, Headers, Body, Attachments, Sender, or Recipient. Note that Header filters are applied to both the header name and content of any header, while the Subject filters only scan the contents of the Subject header. Use regular expressions as well as the following special characters:

.   [   ]   \   *   ?   $   (   )   |   ^   @

When using the above special characters, you must escape each character with a backslach ("\").

Predefined Filters

Select a predefined data leakage patterns (specific to the United States) for Subject, Headers, Body, or Attachments. Select whether to Block, Quarantine, or Encrypt outbound messages based on the filter.

Predefined Filter Exceptions

Add exemptions to predefined HIPAA or Privacy content filters to prevent outbound emails that include phone number or street address items from being blocked, quarantined, or encrypted.

Image Analysis

Image analysis techniques protect against new image variants. Image analysis is automatically configured in the Barracuda Email Security Service.

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