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Barracuda Essentials

Managing User Accounts

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If you make setting changes, allow a few minutes for the changes to take effect.

From the Users > Users List page an administrator can:

  • Search for users
  • Sort the user list
  • Reset a user password (if the user was added manually)
  • Add new users (based on how user accounts were initially set up)
  • Set an account as a domain owner
  • Log in as a user
  • Edit user settings
  • Delete users

User Roles

User roles determine Barracuda Email Security Service access privileges:

  • Administrator – An administrator can view and modify all aspects of all domains, and configure global and domain-level settings.
  • Domain administrator – A domain administrator can configure domain-level settings and view all domain settings and users for the assigned domains.
  • User – A user can configure user-level settings on their own account.

Search for Users

Enter all or part of a username or email address, and click Search to display all matching results.

Sort Users

Click the column titles to sort by user account, user type, or notification status.

Manually Add Users

You can manually add and update users one at a time or in bulk as a list in the Users > Users List page. Once a user is added manually, the User Type field displays as Manual. When you click Add/Update Users, the Users > Add/Update Users page displays where you can:

  • User Accounts – Enter each user email address for the domain on a separate line
  • Enable User Quarantine – When set to Yes, all email for all users in the User Accounts field which meet the configured block policy go to the user's quarantine account. When a user receives their first quarantined email in their quarantine inbox (Message Log), a second email is generated as the first quarantine notification, and goes to the user's email account. This email is only generated if there is a notification interval set and that recipient has received at least one message marked with the Action of Quarantine.
  • Notify New Users – When set to Yes, each user in the User Accounts field receives a welcome email when the account is created.

Once you add users, click Save Changes to add the users and return to the Users > Users List page.

Add LDAP Users

If the user accounts are set up through LDAP authentication, you can automatically add users through LDAP synchronization:

  • Synchronize Now – To manually synchronize LDAP users on a domain, set Synchronize Automatically to No on the DOMAINS > Domain Settings page, and click Synchronize Now whenever you want to sync users.

    If you have numerous LDAP users (over 300 hundred), and you click Synchronize Now in the Domains > Domain Settings page, your LDAP server may time-out before LDAP synchronization is complete. To resolve this issue, go to the Domains > Domain Settings page, and set Synchronize Automatically to Yes.

  • Synchronize Automatically – To automatically synchronize LDAP users on a domain, set Synchronize Automatically to Yes on the Domains > Domain Settings page. Barracuda Email Security Service automatically synchronizes your LDA users to its database incrementally for recipient verification.

Set an Account as Domain Administrator

You can set an account as a domain owner, and select verified domains you want the user to manage to set up delegated administration:

  1. Go to the Users > Users List page, and click Edit in the Actions column to the right of an Enabled user.
  2. In the Edit User page, click All to select all available domains, or select domains individually:
  3. Click Save.

Log in as a User

An administrator can click Log in as this user to:

  • View or change user settings
  • View and manage the domains the user manages
  • View, search, and manage the user's Message Log

Edit Users

You can edit the following user settings:

  • Click Edit to add or remove domain administration privileges;
  • Click Reset to reset the selected user's password; when clicked, an email is sent to the user with a link to reset their password.

Delete Users

You can select to delete a single user or click Bulk Delete to delete all users.

Default User Settings

Set the default scan/block/allow policies for both managed users and unmanaged users on the Users > Default Policy page:

  • Managed Users – Users display on the Users > Users List page and are configured either manually or by synchronizing with your LDAP server.
  • Unmanaged Users – Senders and recipients of email for the configured domains not in the Users > Users List.

By default, all email is scanned as opposed to blocked or allowed unless changed in the Default Policy page.

Select the Default Time Zone for all users from the drop-down menu.

User Actions

Users can view their quarantine inbox (Message Log) and set some account preferences, depending on what is enabled on their account. Available permissions include:

  • Quarantine Notification reports – Modify individual settings for quarantine notification reports.
  • Manage quarantine inbox – Deliver or delete quarantined messages.
  • Password – Change their password.
  • Link accounts – Select to use the current account as an alias. From the Settings > Linked Accounts page, the user can add additional email addresses they have in the same domain for which quarantined email is to be forwarded to this account.
  • Sender policies – Specify whether to block, exempt, or quarantine messages coming from a specific email address or domain on the Settings > Sender Policy page.
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