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Staying in Compliance

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The Subscription section in the Overview > Dashboard displays the active users on your account and the total number of user licenses on your account:

  • Purchased – Represents the number of user licenses on your account.
  • Active – Represents the total number of users on your account that the mail server recognizes in the Barracuda Email Security Service in a 30-day period.

 Option 1. Purchase Additional User Licenses

Contact Barracuda Networks customer service to purchase additional user licenses.

Option 2. Update Automatically Add Users Setting

When Automatically Add Users is set to Yes on the Domains > Domain Settings page, the service automatically creates an account for a user not currently in the User List when the Barracuda Email Security Service receives mail for two days within a seven day period from that user.

  • To avoid invalid user creation, enable recipient verification on your mail server. If you do not enable recipient verification on your mail server and set Automatically Add Users to Yes, the system might create more user accounts than are needed.
  • You can change this value to No.

Option 3. Remove Recipients from the User List

You can remove users that were manually added (not LDAP) on the Users > Users List page.

If you click Bulk Delete you are prompted to remove all users in the list, not just the selected users.

  1. Enter all or part of a user name or email address, and click Search.
  2. Click Delete in the Actions field, and click OK in the Confirmation dialog box.
  3. Complete these steps for each user you want to remove.

Option 4. LDAP Accounts

If you automatically create user accounts for all users in a domain based on your LDAP directory but not all of those users need a user license, you can disable directory services on the domain and manually add only those users that need access through the Users > Users List page, or adjust the user list via LDAP or Active Directory on your mail server.

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