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Understanding Global, Per-Domain, and Per-User Settings

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This article describes the global, per-domain, and per-user setting behavior.

  • Global settings in Barracuda Email Security Service are always used unless there is a per-domain or per-user setting, in which case, the global setting is overridden.
  • If an administrator makes a change on the Domains > Domain Settings page for a domain, that change (per-domain) is used in place of the Global setting. The Domain specific policies (PerDomainFlag.png) icon displays in the Domain Options column.
  • Sender policies override Global settings and per-domain sender policies. The sender policy is used together with either the Global setting or per-domain setting, whichever is set. If there is a conflict, the sender policy is used.

To revert to Global settings:

  1. Go to the Domains page, and click the Domain specific policies (PerDomainFlag.png) icon for the domain you want to revert.
  2. In the Domain Options column, click Reset to account policies, and click OK in the confirmation dialog box.



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