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Barracuda Essentials for Email Security Outlook Add-In User Guide

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The Barracuda Outlook Add-In supports Outlook version 2016, and Outlook Web Access (OWA) running on Windows and Mac OS. Not e that the UI may vary depending on the device you are using to access the Add-In.

Note that the Add-In is not currently available on mobile devices.

For setup details, refer to How to Manually Add the Barracuda Essentials for Email Security Outlook Add-In.

Use the Outlook Add-In to access your messages and send encrypted messages via Outlook 2016 or OWA.

Once the Add-In is installed, you can take the following actions with messages:

  • Encrypt and send emails;

  • Mark messages as suspicious and send to Barracuda Networks.

Note: If the Outlook Reading Panel is disabled, the Barracuda Essentials icon may be grayed out when you select a message. In this case, double-click to open the message in the reading window and activate Barracuda Essentials. You can now take actions on the message.

Send Encrypted Messages

Encrypt outbound messages for secure message transmission. To encrypt an outbound message,

  1. Log into Outlook or OWA, and select to create, forward, or reply to a message.
  2. Open the Actions panel: Click the Barracuda Essentials logo;
    • OWAClick the Barracuda Essentials logo in the lower right of the new message.
    • Outlook Click the Barracuda Essentials logo in the Outlook ribbon.
  3. By default, Encryption is off. Click to toggle Encryption to on. The encryption attachment is added to the message:
    Encryption in OWA

    Encryption in Outlook

    Do not delete the attachment; if deleted, the message will not be encrypted.

    In Outlook:

    • When the message is encrypted, the Encryption (IconEncryptionOn.png) icon displays at the top of the message.

    • If you turn off encryption from the Actions panel, the message is not encrypted and the Encryption Off (IconEncryptionOff.png) icon displays at the top of the message.

  4. Complete your message, and click Send to send the encrypted message.

Take Action in the Actions Panel

Open the Actions panel to access actions. The actions are described after the common task of opening the Actions panel.

Opening the Actions Panel

To open the Actions panel:


  1. Log into OWA.
  2. Select an email, then click the Barracuda Essentials logo in the top right of the page.

In Outlook

  1. Log into Outlook.
  2. On the main Inbox page, click the Barracuda Essentials logo in the Microsoft ribbon.
Submit as Suspicious

Click to flag messages that are potentially harmful or unwanted – including phishing, spear-phishing, spam, or impersonation emails.

Flagging suspicious emails can help protect other users in your organization. Flagged messages are:

To submit an email as suspicious:

  1. Open the Actions panel as described above.
  2. Click Submit as Suspicious suspiciousButton.png. The currently selected message is submitted to Barracuda as suspicious and is immediately moved to Deleted Items folder, or the folder specified in your Preferences, described below.
Set Your Preferences
  1. Open the Actions panel as described above.
  2. Click Preferences.
  3. Choose the Outlook folder where you want to send emails you report as suspicious. By default, emails are sent to your Deleted Items folder. Click Back.
Manage Your Sender Policy
  1. Open the Actions panel as described above.
  2. Click Manage your sender policy. You are directed to the Barracuda Essentials Sender Policy page where you can allow or block messages from certain domains. Note that you might need to log in first.

This feature is only available if your Administrator has enabled it. It is not available for everyone.

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