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Barracuda Archive Search Utility Deployment Kit

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Use the following steps to download and launch the Barracuda Archive Search Deployment Kit:

  1. Log into the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service as administrator.
  2. Navigate to the Users > Client Downloads page, and download the Barracuda Archive Search Deployment Kit.
  3. Extract the contents to an easily accessible location; the deployment kit contains the following:
    • Archive Search installer (BmaSaSearch-<version>.msi)
    • Archive Search Administrator module (Barracuda Message Archiver Search.admx)
    • Installation instructions in PDF format
  4. Move (or copy) the Barracuda Message Archiver Search.admx file to your local %systemroot%\inf, directory, typically found in: c:\winnt\inf
  5. Copy the .msi file to a location that is accessible by your users.
  6. Open the Group Policy Object (GPO) Editor for the organization that is to use Barracuda Archive Search (for example, the default domain policy).
  7. Either edit the default policy or create a new policy object, and link it to the desired container. For example, the particular organizational unit (OU) containing the computers where Archive Search is to be installed.
  8. Expand Computer Configuration, right-click Administrative Templates, select All Tasks, and click Add/Remove Templates.
  9. Navigate to %systemroot%\inf, select Barracuda Message Archiver Search.admx, and click Add.


Use the following steps to configure Archive Search:

  1. While still in the GPO Editor, navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates, and expand the Barracuda node that should now be visible.
  2. Click Message Archiver, and click Barracuda Message Archiver Search.
  3. Double-click the Barracuda Message Archiver URI policy, and type the region-specific MAS hostname, for example:

    See Data Centers by Region for a list of region-specific MAS hostnames.

  4. Configure other settings as required. For an explanation of the available settings, click the policy Explain tab.


Use the following steps to deploy the Microsoft installer (.msi) file.

  1. Start the GPO Editor for the domain where you are installing Archive Search.
  2. Either edit the default policy or create a new policy object, and link it to the desired container; for example, the particular OU containing the computers of users that will be using Archive Search.
  3. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Software Settings > Software Installation, right-click Software Installation, and click New/Package.
  4. Enter the UNC path to the .msi located in the shared folder, and click OK.


Use the following steps to test the Barracuda Archive Search deployment.

Group Policy updates can take several minutes to post; run gpupdate /force  to perform an immediate update.
  1. Restart a computer that is joined to the domain.
  2. Verify Archive Search is installed when you log in, and configured policies are applied.


Following is a list of troubleshooting tips.

  • A common cause of failure is that the user and/or the user's computer does not have adequate access to the share location. Verify that all access and network privileges are configured appropriately.
  • Additional error messages are available in the Event Log on the domain computer; if you do not find the desired information in the Event Log, consider enabling verbose logging and restarting the computer.
  • For additional information on fixing Group Policy issues, see the Microsoft TechNet article Fixing Group Policy problems by using log files.
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