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Troubleshooting the Message Log

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Message has No Content

A message log entry with the subject Message has no content indicates an incomplete SMTP transaction due to a failed connection. The Barracuda Email Security Service logs all failed connections and the log entry for the message shows the from/to data, but does not have a header or body content. This mail includes messages that are malformed or are addressed to invalid recipients.

Message Incorrectly Blocked

When the Message Log displays score for the Reason a message is blocked, but it should not have been blocked, select the message and click NOT SPAM. This sends the message to Barracuda Networks where the scoring is reviewed and modifications are made as needed.

Messages not Delivered to Recipient

When you click Deliver for one or more selected messages in the Message Log, if the message is successfully delivered, the Delivery Status changes to Delivered. The mail remains in the log unless you select the message again and click Delete. If the mail cannot be delivered, this is reflected as a notice in your browser window and the Delivery Status does not change. If delivered messages are not making it to the recipient's mailbox, it may be due to a filter on your mail server or a service on your network catching the mail as spam. Check your local trash/spam folder for the mail.

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