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As of March 1, 2022, the legacy Barracuda Essentials Security, Compliance, and Complete editions are no longer available for purchase. Only existing customers can renew or add users to these plans. The documentation related to these plans will no longer be available after October 30, 2022. For more information on the latest Email Protection plans, see Barracuda Email Protection.

To update your bookmarks, see the following for the latest documentation:

Note that MSP customers should continue to follow Barracuda Essentials for MSPs.

Intent Domain Policies

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Use the table to either exempt (Ignore) trusted domains from Intent Analysis and/or add domains which, if found in an email message body, should result in blocking or quarantining the message based on intent.

To exempt domains found in the message body from Intent Analysis:

  1. Enter a domain name.
  2. Select Ignore for the Policy.
  3. Click Add.

Any messages containing the exempt domains still undergo spam scanning and Intent Analysis on other domains. Specify either a domain or subdomain if you want a wildcard match. For example, enter to exempt messages containing and

Important: Any domain listed in this table with Policy set to Ignore is also exempt from URL Click Protection settings. Any URL in the list is not rewritten by the service.

To add domains which, when found in an email message body, result in the message being blocked or quarantined:

  1. Enter a domain name.
  2. Select Block or Quarantine as the Policy. Blocked messages never reach the user. Quarantined messages reach the user's inbox if per-user quarantine is enabled. Otherwise the administrator can determine which, if any, quarantined messages to deliver.
  3. Click Add.

You can enter top-level domains here. The domain should not contain http://. For example, per company policy, you might want to add the domain and select Block to block all eBay auction emails.

To remove a domain from the table, click Remove.

Click on one of the following table headings to sort the table:

  • Domain Name
  • Policy
  • Comment


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