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As of March 1, 2022, the legacy Barracuda Essentials Security, Compliance, and Complete editions are no longer available for purchase. Only existing customers can renew or add users to these plans.

Following October 30, 2022, the documentation and trainings will no longer be updated and will contain outdated information.

For more information on the latest Email Protection plans, see Barracuda Email Protection.

To update your bookmarks, see the following for the latest documentation and trainings:

Note that MSP customers should continue to follow Barracuda Essentials for MSPs.

Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service Release Notes

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What's New September 30, 2022

As of October 1, 2022, Microsoft has deprecated basic authentication for connections made to Exchange Online. Customers using Exchange Online with the Barracuda Cloud Archiver will only be able to use the Exchange Online configuration when creating Exchange Integration actions.

As part of this change, important improvements and enhancements have been made to our Exchange Online Integration process.

  • Improved processing speed by adding mailbox processing concurrency to Exchange Online imports. [BNMA-23932]
  • Fixed an issue where some cloud processes abort early if a folder filter is specified for users with undefined folders. [BNMA-24066]
  • Fixed an issue where some cloud jobs failed and did not retry automatically due to certain errors. [BNMA-24710]
  • Fixed an issue where some jobs failed with due to unhandled exception errors. [BNMA-26010]
  • Mailboxes failing with a specific error are now skipped and the job process continues as expected. [BNMA-26065]
  • Subfolders now match folder filters in process. [BNMA-26280]
  • Fixed an issue where Item age filters are importing items newer than the age set. [BNMA-26566]
  • Fixed an issue where jobs abort when encountering a specific error. [BNMA-26775]

What's New April 2, 2021

  • A new Outlook Add-in version, 5.2.126, is now available for download and automatic update. This new update fixes an issue that sometimes caused delays when opening messages from search results. [BNMA-19499]

What's New November 10, 2020

  • Exchange Integration tasks now support connecting to Exchange Online using the EWS protocol. This improves reliability and performance of Exchange Integration tasks, also ensuring compatibility with the scheduled deprecation of Basic Authorization by Microsoft at the end of October 2020. An upcoming update will enable migrating existing configurations and tasks to use EWS. To take advantage of the improvements, create a new source configuration and tasks. [BNMA-23475]

What's New March 18, 2020


What's New June 20, 2019

  • Improved large PST export stability. [BNMA-21274]
  • Improved retry logic to prevent Exchange Integration jobs from ending prematurely. [BNMA-21337]

  • Exchange Integration now reports messages as failed if they're unable to open after multiple retries. [BNMA-21176]
  • Saved searches with Date criteria no longer appear on the Saved Searches tab with an erroneous +0000 time zone. [BNMA-19342]

What's New May 9, 2019

  • Added support for Office 365 encrypted message journaling. [BNMA-19724]
  • Allow control access to Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service per role using IP addresses. [BNMA-20300]
  • Improved timeout logic for Exchange Integration. [BNMA-20598]
  • Improved error detailing in Exchange Integration Autodiscovery when detecting users with valid email address but no mailbox. [BNMA-20612]
  • Added start and end dates for importing mail in Exchange Imports. [BNMA-21054]
  • Emails with attachments are correctly indexed as having attachments. [BNMA-20719]
  • PST exports with messages that have very large attachments are successful. [BNMA-20608]
  • Increased Exchange Store Sync limit to 250,000 items. [BNMA-20924]
  • Exports with double quotes, at signs, and other symbols in the name can now be downloaded. [BNMA-10805]
  • Search results are now correct when using double quotes in the search type. [BNMA-14778]
  • Archiving mail sent to user or group aliases are visible to all recipients. [BNMA-14714]
  • User Search in the Audit Log now filters correctly. [BNMA-17793]

What's New March 20, 2019

  • The Outlook Add-In now supports Barracuda Cloud Control Multi-Factor Authentication [BNMA-14199]
  • Archiving mail sent to user or group aliases may not be visible to all recipients [BNMA-14714]
  • Deleting PSTs could fail for customers with large folder structures [BNMA-20226]
  • Exporting a large number of items to PST could fail when the export is interrupted and resumed [BNMA-20310]
  • Large folder structures could fail to transfer from a Barracuda Message Archiver to the cloud [BNMA-20031]
  • New user welcome messages now include a link to the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service [BNMA-20312]
  • Outlook Add-In could display messages located in the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service as blank when searching from a cloud-connected Barracuda Message Archiver [BNMA-20007]
  • Poor connections could cause SFTP IP ban during authentication [BNMA-20478]
  • Retention Policies page could fail to load if a large number of policies or saved searches are present [BNMA-20144]
  • Searching on Email > Domain was case-sensitive [BNMA-14909]

What's New December 3, 2018

  • Added support for SMTP CHUNKING ("BDAT") extension. This allows Exchange Server and Exchange Online to archive messages containing bare line-feed characters [BNMA-19852]
  • Autodiscover form now requires a User for Exchange Integration server configurations [BNMA-19066]
  • Retention policy changes are easier to understand in the Audit Log [BNMA-19446]
  • Azure AD user accounts no longer logged out too soon [BNMA-19733]
  • User/Auditor search whitelists that contain a distribution group no longer expand that group's addresses when searching [BNMA-15260]

What's New October 08, 2018

  • New option to retry failed users from Exchange Integration jobs [BNMA-18860]
  • Added skipped items to Exchange job reports [BNMA-18776]

  • Added the ability to resume interrupted downloads from Firefox and other download managers that adhere to RFC 7233 [BNMA-19092]

  • Exchange Integration reports now include skipped items [BNMA-19140]

  • Improved Exchange Job retry logic [BNMA-19349]

  • Improved error reporting for Personal Archive imports [BNMA-19040]

  • Increased tracing logging in Outlook Add-in [BNMA-19283]

  • Outlook Add-in now logs a warning if Office is blocked from creating child processes via Windows Defender policy [BNMA-18709]

  • Skipped mailbox RSS items are now classified as skipped instead of failed. [BNMA-14698]

  • Certain conditions can cause Exchange Integration jobs can fail [BNMA-19401]

  • Discrepancy on failed Exchange Import messages between the Report Link and Status Message [BNMA-17417]

  • Exchange Integration does not report users as skipped once any data has been processed [BNMA-19046]

  • Exchange Integration jobs are treated as successful as long as one user is processed [BNMA-18775]

  • Exchange Integration jobs can restart mailboxes from scratch unexpectedly [BNMA-19296]

  • Exchange Integration jobs can unexpectedly time out [BNMA-18931]

  • Exchange Integration service cannot connect to mailboxes on [BNMA-19239]

  • Exchange Integration service cannot connect to mailboxes on [BNMA-18153]

  • Exchange import jobs may unexpectedly skip an item and report it as failed [BNMA-19052]

  • Exchange integration setup skips autodiscovered endpoints without valid certificates [BNMA-16347]

  • Folder Selection not getting cleared with new Exchange Integration jobs [BNMA-19257]

  • Improved Exchange Integration retry logic [BNMA-19038]

  • Improved error handling for Exchange Integration jobs [BNMA-18955]

  • Improved error handling for Exchange Public Folder Import jobs [BNMA-18961]

  • Improved error handling for autodiscover [BNMA-18958]

  • Large messages may cause sync issues with Email Encryption Service [BNMA-18851]

  • Large retention jobs may stop prior to purging all items [BNMA-19071]

  • Mailboxes with MAPI disabled log incorrect error during Exchange Integration jobs [BNMA-19202]

  • Outlook add-in trims trailing whitespace from password [BNMA-19170]

  • Outlook add-in will not install if a previous version was installed via advertisement [BNMA-18941]

  • Processed users with no processed folders do not appear in job report [BNMA-19045]

  • Public Folder imports may result in failure [BNMA-19091]

  • User canceled jobs may fail to cancel [BNMA-19231]

  • XSS vulnerability in message preview [BNMA-19316]

What's New August 22, 2018

  • Admins now have the ability to expire all client API sessions by clicking the Log Out All Clients button on the Client Downloads page [BNMA-19103]
  • Client sessions for disabled or deleted users now expire automatically [BNMA-18594]
  • Outlook Add-in users now have the ability to drag and drop messages from archive search results to mailbox folders [BNMA-17893]
  • Outlook Add-in logon dialog no longer requires Cloud Archiving Service users to enter a host name [BNMA-17227]
  • Client download performance enhancements [BNMA-18388]
  • Icons are now included in the item type drop-down on the Outlook Add-in search tool [BNMA-17778]
  • New workflow for adding new servers for Exchange Integration [BNMA-18785]
  • Admin role can sometimes be lost when adding or changing Directory configuration in Barracuda Cloud Control [BNMA-18795]
  • International accounts that are near their expiration date may display the wrong subscription status on the dashboard [BNMA-18790]
  • Nightly Exchange jobs may continue to run after being remove from the UI [BNMA-18751]
  • Folder tree view fails to completely load if a user has 10 or more assigned PST files [BNMA-18736]
  • Outlook may crash during startup when Outlook Instant Search feature is enabled [BNMA-18713]
  • Large PST exports may fail [BNMA-18670]
  • Search page Help documentation incorrectly states that the browser timezone is used when displaying the time for search results [BNMA-18437]
  • Outlook Add-in search terms that include a hyphen may return invalid results [BNMA-18327]
  • Exchange Integration jobs may fail if their service account has a different mail domain than user mailboxes [BNMA-18295]
  • Outlook Add-in installer completes successfully but can not be enabled in Outlook on older versions of Windows that do not have the Universal CRT installed [BNMA-18232]
  • Outlook Add-in does not support VWS in search results [BNMA-18226]
  • Conversation History folders are skipped during import if they do not contain the correct container class [BNMA-18098]
  • Outlook may crash if an Outlook Instant Search store is removed while searches are running [BNMA-17863]
  • Outlook Add-in search window allows multiple stores to be selected [BNMA-17796]
  • If there are multiple locales for a given system, e.g. French and English for Canadian user, the Outlook Add-in installer will only register store providers in the last-used locale [BNMA-17733]
  • Outlook add-in allows users to run stub actions when connected to Cloud Archiving Service even though stubbing isn't supported [BNMA-17532]
  • Exchange Integration jobs may fail to import RTF messages that contain CJHK data [BNMA-17210]
  • Outlook Add-in install fails on computers that have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office applications installed [BNMA-16171]
  • Outlook Add-in sync errors may cause the archive store sync process to crash [BNMA-16041]

What's New June 18, 2018

  • General Exchange Integration improvements. [BNMA-18338]
  • Increased stability and performance when running consecutive Exchange Integration jobs. [BNMA-18340]
  • Exchange Integration Folder Sync jobs are now more likely to finish during off-peak hours. [BNMA-17295]
  • Built-in PowerShell scripts for Exchange 2013 Standard Journaling now include the creation of a remote domain and send connector. [BNMA-15663]
  • General optimization that results in increased transfer speeds when mirroring a Message Archiver appliance to the cloud. [BNMA-17384]
  • Configuration changes may not be saved when editing a user's role. [BNMA-18368]
  • Barracuda Cloud Control link in the setup wizard points to an invalid configuration page. [BNMA-18344]
  • Autodiscover for on-premise Exchange can lead to incorrect Exchange Integration configurations. [BNMA-17173]
  • Page requests can sometimes fail with 403 Forbidden error. [BNMA-18335]
  • Jobs may take longer than expected to stop after clicking the Cancel button. [BNMA-18194]
  • Users with an email alias that contains an apostrophe receive unexpected results when searching mail. [BNMA-17506]

What's New May 22, 2018

  • Added support for multiple Active Directory configurations
  • Added Directory Synchronization widget to dashboard help
  • Replaced Last LDAP Sync Time with Directory Synchronization on the Account Status dashboard widget
  • Improved error handling for Exchange Integration tasks
  • The configuration setting for archiving encrypted messages is now disabled if email encryption is not enabled in the Barracuda Email Security Service
  • General enhancement to improve page load speed
  • Certain conditions may cause a mailbox to be skipped during Exchange imports
  • Certain conditions cause the Outlook Add-In to display incorrect folder data
  • Error is generated when trying to search a shared mailbox or shared mailbox subfolders from the Outlook Add-in
  • Large folder sets can fail to load
  • Certain conditions cause a delay in Folder Sync tasks
  • Specifically formatted messages fail to sync from Email Encryption Service
  • Client Downloads page fails to render when the Android app manifest is missing
  • Certain conditions may cause a PST import to get stuck in the queue
  • Parentheses are not escaped in search queries

What's New January 17, 2018

Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service is now available in the following regions:

  • US
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Add the ability to archive unencrypted copies of messages encrypted using the Barracuda Email Security Service - US region only. [BNMA-14402]
  • PST imports can fail under certain conditions. [BNMA-16648]
  • The Accounts page fails to load when too many LDAP users or groups are configured with custom roles on the LDAP User Add/Update page. [BNMA-16555]
  • Barracuda IP addresses may be incorrectly logged as Client IP addresses in the Audit log. [BNMA-16455]
  • Users are unable to authenticate using LDAP if Cloud-to-Cloud Backup was previously configured. [BNMA-16374]
  • Configuration for Nightly Email Import jobs is malformed when the option to Process Personal Archives is selected. [BNMA-16370]
  • HTML in the Digest email for Policy Alerts does not render correctly in Outlook. [BNMA-16234]
  • Under certain circumstances, users are able to log in to the client API when Enable Client Access is set to No on the Client Downloads page. [BNMA-16222]
  • Audit log adds multiple entries for logins. [BNMA-15966]

What's New October 12, 2017

Note that a sufficiently large number of PST files or folders can prevent the PST folder structure from displaying for admin users.

  • Policy Alerts: Users with the Admin and Auditor role can now enable automated digest emails based on Saved Search filters.
  • Client API: Client applications can perform searches based on the Has Linked Attachments filter.
  • Autodiscover is now required to configure new Exchange Integration jobs.
  • Added support for MAPI over HTTP connections to Exchange Integration tasks.
  • Added additional error handling and retry logic for Exchange Integration tasks.
  • Improved support for IE11.
  • General UI enhancement.
  • Exchange Integration engine now has better error handling for malformed messages.
  • Folder names containing Unicode were malformed.
  • Time zone irregularities.
  • Exchange Integration job history sometimes fails to load.
  • Under certain conditions users can remove Admin tags.
  • Exchange Integration jobs fail to load in the UI.
  • Autodiscovery of archive mailboxes on Office 365 sometimes fails.
  • Resend to Me doesn't update Subject or Message-ID.
  • LDAP configuration allows account to get in a state in which users are unable to log in.
  • Umlauts not displayed correctly in Outlook Add-in search.
  • Under certain conditions large items get stuck in processing queue.
  • Improved error handling in parsing engine

What's New November 10, 2016

  • Searchable SharePoint link metadata. Emails containing SharePoint links are now searchable as a class of email (Has Linked Attachment) and the filename of the shared file will be included as part of Attachment Name. Note: only emails archived after this release will have these attributes. This feature is only available for the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service and Barracuda Essentials accounts.
  • A downloadable Windows PowerShell journaling setup script is now available for on-premise Exchange installations.
  • For Office 365 accounts, journaling setup can now be performed on your behalf by the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service.

What's New September 2016


What's New August 03, 2016

  • Streamlined login API for faster Add-In and mobile client response times
  • PST exports now honor the 'Preserve Journal Wrappers' setting on the Basic > Administration tab
  • The IBM Notes client is now available from the Users > Client Downloads tab 

  • Total message count shown in the task summary is now correct for CSV exports when messages are located on both the cloud and the appliance

  • Correct datacenter redirection when activating a Barracuda Essentials trial

  • The total message count displayed for certain Exchange tasks was inaccurate

  • Local and LDAP users can successfully log in to the Outlook Add-In and search the archive when TLS v1.0 is disabled in the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service [BNMA-14057]
  • Search on multiple criteria using AND/OR options from Outlook Add-In [BNMA-13380, BNMA-13760]

Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service Overview

  • Direct to Cloud Archiving
    • Journal directly from G Suite Mail Service, Office 365, and on-premise Exchange to the Barracuda Cloud
      • How to Journal to the Cloud Archiving Service from Office 365 Mail Service
      • How to Journal to the Cloud Archiving Service from G Suite
    • Specify what specifically is and is not journaled through G Suite
  • Exchange Integration
    • How to Journal to the Cloud Archiving Service from Office 365 Mail Service
    • How to Journal to the Cloud Archiving Service from Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and 2010
    • Journaling to the Cloud Archiving Service from Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 - Standard
    • Journaling to the Cloud Archiving Service from Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 - Premium
    • How to Configure an Office 365 Exchange Online Service Account and Import Historical Data
    • Microsoft Exchange Operations
  • User Role functionality is equivalent to the Barracuda Message Archiver except there is no IT Administrator role
  • Active Directory Authentication
  • Support for Outlook and Mobile Clients

Table 1. Feature Details

Feature Link Details
Initial Setup Wizard Step 3 - Launch the Initial Setup Wizard  

Beta support for AzureAD

  Contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support to enable
Beta SFTP share available for bulk PST imports   Contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support  to enable
Users created in Accounts > Users can be managed from Admin > Users in Barracuda Cloud Control    
Improved caching for faster page loads    
Traffic / Performance Statistics Monitoring and Maintenance  
Basic and Advanced Search Understanding Basic and Advanced Search  
Saved Searches How to Set Up Saved Searches  
Virus Checking Message Actions  
Exchange Integration  
PST Import How to Import PST Files Cloud does not allow CIFS/SMB PST uploading
Retention Policy Retention Policies and Litigation Holds  
User Accounts User Accounts and Roles  
User Roles User Accounts and Roles  
LDAP / Active Directory Integration LDAP  
Client Downloads Outlook Add-In  
Audit Log Audit Log  
Support Tunnel Troubleshooting Enable support connection with Barracuda Networks Technical Support
Stubbing (1)    
Scheduled Exports (1)    
Policy Monitoring and Alert Policies (1)    
Reporting (1)    
IMAP/POP3 Mailbox Journaling  (1)    
GroupWise deployment  (1)    
IT Admin role  (1)    
Federated search  (1)    
Custom branding  (1)    

Note: (1) Feature is not currently available in the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service.