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Barracuda Email Security Service

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Barracuda Email Security Service IP Ranges

The Barracuda Email Security Service connects with your network from various IP addresses, including performing LDAP lookups. To ensure that the service can connect with your network, allow traffic originating from the range of network addresses based on your Barracuda Email Security Service instance.

Important – Note that the IP addresses below are in CIDR notation and express a range of IP addresses. Be sure to use the entire range in your configurations, including the first and last IPs in the range.

Customers Using the Following Instances of the Barracuda Email Security Service Instance
 Network Traffic to ESS (SMTP)Network Traffic from ESS (SMTP and other)
Australia (AU)
Canada (CA)
Germany (DE)
United Kingdom (UK)
United States (US)

Ensure Connectivity and Redundancy

Follow these tips to ensure connectivity and redundancy:

  • Open your firewall ports to allow the IP address ranges, based on your Barracuda Email Security Service instance.
  • (Optional) Configure your mail server or router to block inbound email not originating from your Barracuda Email Security Service IP address ranges.
  • If you have a Barracuda Web Security Gateway or Barracuda Web Application Firewall: You might need to exempt from filtering.
  • Exempt traffic coming from the Barracuda Email Security IP addresses from any kind of throttle or rate controls, RBL, and SPF or DKIM scanning.

Manage Support and Partner Access

Manage Barracuda Support and partner access to messages from the Support tab in the Barracuda Email Security Service.

Support Access

Barracuda support access is enabled by default. To disable access, click Disable Support Access. Note that you must enable Support Access to allow Barracuda Support to investigate message content.

Partner Access to Messages

Partner access to messages is enabled by default. To disable access, click Disable Message Body Access. When disabled, partners can continue to manage your accounts but cannot view the content (message body) of emails for these accounts.

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