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Understanding What Office 365 Groups Data is Backed Up

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Office 365 Groups is a membership service that ties a list of users together to collaborate on a list of applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams. Teams is a collaborative communications infrastructure that combines workplace chat, calling, video meetings, and file sharing.

When you create a team, the following items are created in Office 365:

Office 365 Groups and Teams are solutions that are very well integrated and best used together. Office 365 provides a back-end solution to create a collaboration workspace between members, while Microsoft Teams organizes these files and communications.

When considering a backup solution for Teams, consider the list of applications customers use that are associated with teams. This list can include the following:

  • Exchange Group mailboxes
  • Exchange Group Calendar
  • SharePoint Group Site
  • Documents and Files shared in Teams.
  • Members of the Group

With Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, you can back up all your mail, calendar, and site data, along with file data shared within the Team that include the Group membership associated with the Team. All of the information is grouped under a unified experience to simplify recovering Teams data back to a specific timestamp.  

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