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Understanding the Audit Log

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The Audit Log is available only for Barracuda Email Security Service accounts. It is not available with Barracuda Cloud Protection Layer.


The Audit Log provides a record of all changes made to Barracuda Email Security Service by administrators, end users, and Barracuda Support. This can help both the Administrator and Barracuda Support to track down the reason for a particular behavior. For example, the Audit Log shows which user added a domain to an allow list. 

The Audit Log contains data for the last 14 days.

The Audit Log is located under Dashboard > Audit Log and contains the following information:

  • Date/Time – When the action occurred.
  • User – Email and IP address of the user who performed the action. Displayed value is Barracuda Support if action was taken by a Barracuda Support Representative. 
  • Scope – Describes what is affected by the action. Actions include (creating, changing, or deleting): 
    • Account – Affects Account Settings, Domains, Marking Messages, Allow Lists.
    • Domain – Affects Domain Settings, Users, Allow Lists.
    • User – Affects User Settings.  
  • Details – Basic information about the action. 
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