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Get Account

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Retrieves account information for the Barracuda ESS product under a Barracuda account.


GET /beta/accounts/{account_id}/ess

Request header

access_tokenRequiredThe access token issued by the authorization server.String

Path parameter

account_idRequiredThe Barracuda Cloud Control account ID.String


EntryDescriptionData Type
accountNameThe account name.String
accountIdThe Barracuda Cloud Control account ID.String
regionThe region in which the account is hosted.String

The account status.

ACTIVE (The account is active and in good standing.)

SUSPENDED (The service continues to scan for viruses only; configured policies are no longer applied, spam is not blocked, and spooling is disabled.)

DISABLED (All mail to your domains is rejected by the service.)


Sample Request

curl -X GET "{account_id}/ess" \
--header "Authorization: Bearer {access_token}"

Sample Response

    "accountName": "Barracuda Networks Co",
    "accountId": "5584599",
    "region": "US",
	"status": "ACTIVE"
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