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Barracuda Firewall Insights


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The Dashboard tab and child pages provide aggregated data on SD-WAN, SD-WAN tunnels, network traffic, and security information. Use various filters, as described below, to get the specific data you need.

Barracuda Firewall Insights explicitly provides information about SD-WAN tunnels. Information on non-SD-WAN-enabled VPN tunnels, such as IPsec, Client-to-Site or SSL-VPN, is not displayed in the interface.


Display the Information Using Filters

If Barracuda Firewall Insights is connected to more than 5 CloudGen Firewall devices, the search in the filters is extended to type-to-search.

  1. Go to the tab you are interested in.
    • SD-WAN Summary – Go to Dashboard > SD-WAN Summary.

    • SD-WAN Tunnels – Go to Dashboard > SD-WAN Tunnels.

    • Security and Web. – Go to Dashboard > Security and Web.

    • Network Traffic – Go to Dashboard > Network Traffic.

  2. For the SD-WAN Summary, Security and Web, and Network Traffic tabs, you can select the following filters:
    • Range – Select the range where the CloudGen Firewall devices you want data on are located.
    • Cluster – Select the cluster where the CloudGen Firewall devices you want data on are located .
    • Firewall – Select the CloudGen Firewall devices you want data on .

    • Timeframe – Choose a time frame from the drop-down menu to specify the time frame you want to show the data for.
  3. For the SD-WAN Tunnels tab, you can select the filters described above and the additional filters below:
    • Tunnel – Select the tunnel you want to show the data of.
    • Transport – Select the transport you want to show the data of.
  4. The information is displayed for the filters you set.
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