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Barracuda Firewall Insights


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The Advanced section allows you to perform advanced administration tasks and to troubleshoot various issues.  


Go to ADVANCED > Backup to create or restore a configuration backup. You can also back up Firewall Insights data using SMB. For detailed information, see Backups.

Energize Updates

Go to ADVANCED > Energize Updates for information on your Energize Updates subscription.

Firmware Updates

Go to ADVANCED > Firmware Updates to check for and perform firmware updates. For detailed information, see Firmware Updates.

External Servers

Go to ADVANCED > External Servers to add and remove FTP and SMB servers. For detailed information, see External Servers.


  Go to ADVANCED > Troubleshooting   to perform network connectivity tests such as ping, traceroute, or nslookup. For detailed information, see Troubleshooting.


Go to ADVANCED > Support to search help topics and Release Notes. For detailed information, see Support.

Further Information

See the guides below for detailed information:


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