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Barracuda Firewall Insights


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The ADVANCED > Troubleshooting tab allows you to troubleshoot various issues.


Basic Troubleshooting

This section describes issues that you can handle on your own. For help from a support technician, see Support Connection below.

Error Status for a Connected Device

If a connected device shows a connection error, check the following:

  • Network connectivity between Barracuda Firewall Insights and the connected device, and between both devices and the Internet.
  • Wire connections for any broken or damaged cables.
  • The Shared Secret must be the same on both the Barracuda Firewall Insights and the connected device.
  • The connected device must be set to connect to Barracuda Firewall Insights.
To Shut Down or Restart Your Firewall Insights

To restart or shut down the Barracuda Firewall Insights:

  1. Go to BASIC > Administration.
  2. In the System Management section, select:
    • Shutdown to power off the unit.
    • Restart to reboot the unit.

Functions of the ADVANCED > Troubleshooting Page

Support Connection

For help from a Barracuda Networks technician to troubleshoot and diagnose a potential issue, click Establish Connection to Barracuda Networks Support Center to create a secure troubleshooting connection from your Barracuda Firewall Insights to the Barracuda Networks Technical Support servers.

To open a support connection:

  1. Go to ADVANCED > Troubleshooting.
  2. Click Establish Connection to Barracuda Networks Support Center.
    A new window will appear that displays the following:
    • Access token and serial number required by the support technician in order to access your Barracuda Firewall Insights
    • Status of connection
    • Button to terminate connection
  3. Work with the Support Representative to solve your issue.
  4. When your support issue is resolved, click Terminate Connection to Barracuda Central.

After the connection is terminated, all existing connections with the support servers are immediately closed, and all new connection attempts will be rejected until the connection is re-established from Barracuda Firewall Insights.

This connection lasts only a few hours.

Performing a Network Connectivity Test

To perform a network connectivity test, enter a hostname or IP address, then select a test to run:

  • Ping – Enter the IP address or hostname to ping, and click Ping to start the test.
  • Traceroute – Enter the hostname or IP address to use for the command, and click Traceroute to start the test. Traceroutes are used to determine the network traffic route to navigate to its destination. 
  • Dig/NS-lookup – Enter the IP address or hostname to dig, and click Dig/NS-lookup to start the test.