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Barracuda Firewall Insights

How to Deploy Firewall Insights on KVM

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The KVM version of Barracuda Firewall Insights is available as a pre-built image for your KVM Hypervisor. Before deploying the Barracuda Firewall Insights unit, verify that the host system meets the minimum storage requirements, and review the resource recommendations for the production system.

Before You Begin

  • For information on the sizing of your CPU, disk, and RAM, see Deployment.
  • Download and install a VNC viewer.
  • Configure the virtual network on the KVM host server.

    • During the deployment process, Barracuda Firewall Insights must be attached to a network where the IP address is not used by any other device.
    • Please note: Barracuda Firewall Insights cannot be deployed in a network.
  • Download the KVM image for Barracuda Firewall Insights from the Barracuda Download Portal.

    If you are using Google Chrome and encounter timeout or checksum issues while downloading the image, try Mozilla Firefox instead.

Create Virtual Machine

  1. Log into the KVM host server with root permissions.
  2. Copy the file to the host server, e.g., /var/lib/libvirt/images.
  3. Unpack the virtual image using unzip. In the unpacked folder, there is a file with the extension *.qcow2. You will need this virtual disk in the next step.
  4. Create the virtual machine using the following command:
    virt-install -n <device name> -r <memory in mb> --os-type=linux --vcpus <number of cores> --disk <your unpacked disk.qcow2>,device=disk,bus=virtio -w network=<your network>,model=virtio --vnc --noautoconsole --import
    For information on the sizing of your CPU, disk, and RAM, see Deployment.
  5. After the machine is successfully installed, you will be notified:
  6. Connect to the console of your Firewall Insights device. You can use virt-manager, for example.
  7. You can now find your Barracuda Firewall Insights device in the list of available virtual machines.

Next Step

After deploying the Firewall Insights device, continue with How to Configure Network Settings and Licensing on First Boot and Getting Started.

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