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Barracuda Firewall Insights

How to Create a Report

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Create a report in Barracuda Firewall Insights to show essential information of your connected CloudGen Firewall devices, such as actions performed (e.g., block, deny, allow).

Before You Begin

Create an On-Demand Report

By default, on-demand reports cover the current day and all connected devices.

  1. Go to REPORTS.
  2. Scroll down to the available reports and click on the link of the desired report.
  3. A new tab with the report opens and displays the information of the current day on the chosen topic.

Create a Report Using Filters

  1. Go to REPORTS.
  2. In the Filtering Options section, select:
    • Time Frame Either choose one from the drop-down list, or specify a custom time frame.
    • Output Format – Your report can be created as a downloadable *.pdf or *.csv file. In addition, you can open it as a text or HTML page.
    • Report on – Select the devices you want the report for.
  3. In the Advanced Options section, select:
    • Destination – Filter either by domain or by category.
    • (Optional) IP Anonymize – If enabled, IP addresses will be anonymized, e.g., becomes 10.10.20.xx.  
    • (Optional) Serial Number Bucketing If enabled, the data will be grouped by serial numbers.
    • (Optional) Domains – Specify up to five domains to include in the report, one per line.
    • (Optional) Exclude specified domains – If enabled, the domains entered next to Domains will be excluded from the report.
    • (Optional) Exclude Timeframe – Specify a time frame you want excluded from the reports, e.g., weekends. Enter a time in the hh:mm format and select the days you want to exclude.
    • Action – Select the CloudGen Firewall actions you want included in the report: Allow, Block, Deny, Drop, and/or Detect.
    • (Optional) Chart Type – Specify if you want horizontal bars, vertical bars, or a pie chart.
    • Drill-Down Limit Level – There are five possible values you can enter to limit the drill-down depth of the reports. To see all records, leave the fields blank.
      For example, if you select Action = Block above, and enter 10 in the first Drill-Down Limit Level box and run the "Top Users by Browse Time on Social Networking Sites" report, the generated report will be " Top 10 Blocked Users by Browse Time on Social Networking Sites". You can further limit the report by using the next Drill-Down Limit Level box, setting it to 3, thereby limiting drill-down results by domains to a maximum of three domains.
  4. Click on the link of the desired report to run the report with the filters set.
  5. A new window with the report in the desired output format opens.
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