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Barracuda Firewall Policy Manager

Early Access (EA)

This product is currently only available as private Early Access (EA). Please get in touch with if you would like to participate in the Early Access program.

Advanced Settings

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The Firewall Policy Manager Advanced tab lets users with administrative permissions configure authentication settings and manage user groups. From here, you can also link a database for assets that should be applied to your firewall rules, configure  Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) policies, and set filters for different firewalls. A Backup section allows the definition of an SMB server from where the Firewall Policy Manager configuration can be backed up. To access the Advanced page, click the Advanced tab.  Use the link menu on the left of the Advanced  page to access the following settings:

User Groups

The User Groups page lets administrators manage user groups and permissions. For more information, see: Get Started.

Asset Management

The Asset Management page allows configuration of an external MSSQL database from where asset data can be applied to firewall rules. For more information, see: Get Started.

IPS Policies

The IPS Policies page allows the definition of Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) policies that can be applied to firewall rules. For more information, see: Get Started.

Session Time

The Session Time page allows configuration of Firewall Policy Manager session length and idle time in minutes.


Backup Settings

The Backup Settings page allows specification of an SMB path to a backup server and provides backup functionalities. From here, you can back up the configuration of the Firewall Policy Manager.

Export Settings

The Export Settings page allows export of dedicated configuration entities to an external destination.

LDAP Settings

The LDAP Settings page allows configuration of authentication and MSAD user filtering criteria. For more information, see: Get Started.

Firewall Filters 

On the Firewall Filters page, you can create filters for different firewall models.



The History page provides a history view of the configuration history view of the Firewall Policy Manager configuration.


LDAP Debug

The LDAP Debug page provides detailed information on Firewall Policy Manager debug logs.


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