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Send a User List to Barracuda Security Awareness Training

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Barracuda Incident Response can create a group of users involved in an incident and send it to Barracuda Security Awareness Training. This training group is comprised of each user's email address.

You must have a Security Awareness Training account to use this feature. 

Reasons to send a list are to:

  • Train users to recognize malicious emails.
  • Provide follow up testing.
  • Analyze results with advanced metrics and reporting.

Create and Send a Training Group to Barracuda Security Awareness Training

From the View Incident page:

  1. Open the Users tab.
  2. Using the checkboxes to the left of each user, select all you want to add to the training group.
  3. Click the Create Training Group button. the Training Group dialog box appears.
    • Selected Recipients for Training shows email addresses for all users you selected.
    • The name of the training group is displayed at the bottom of the dialog box. This is called an Address Book in Barracuda Security Awareness Training.
  4. If you have more than one Barracuda Security Awareness Training account, select the account you want to use from the dropdown list. This list will not appear if you have only one account.
  5. Click the Create button. The dialog box disappears and a green box at the top of the users list shows the name of the new training group.
  6. You can click on the Create Training link to navigate to Barracuda Security Awareness Training and begin training the users in this group.