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Understanding Automatic Remediation and Incident Response

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Review the minimum requirements described in the Overview.

Example Use Case

Organization A is hit with a phishing attack from outside the company. The IT team is alerted by an internal user who received the email containing the attack. The IT team must do the following:

  • Determine all recipients that received the attack based on the email subject or sender email
  • Alert the recipients that received the email in question that they need to change their password and delete the offending email
  • Create rules to block future emails from this sender or this sender's domain.

The IT team performs Incident Response tasks including:

  • Identifying affected users and providing instructions on updating passwords
  • Creating rules in Barracuda Networks to block future emails from this sender or this sender's domain.
  • Creating rules that block web access to domains found in the email body.*
  • Determining if additional security training is necessary, using Security Awareness Training.*

* This functionality requires Barracuda Email Protection Premium and Premium Plus plans.