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Reviewing Incidents

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The Incidents page displays all incidents for your Barracuda Forensics & Incident Response account, along with the suspicious email associated with each incident.

Note that after an email has been remediated in any way, that email will only be visible from within the incident on the Incidents page. The email will no longer appear in searches, on the location map, or in user-reported emails.

To review incidents:

  1. Log into Barracuda Forensics & Incident Response.
  2. In the left pane, click the menu (menuIcon.png) icon to toggle the menu, and click Incidents.
  3. In the Incidents screen, locate the incident you want to investigate and click VIEW INCIDENT.
  4. The top of the page view basic information about the incident, including your search terms and how many messages were received by unique recipients. You can also view a list of remediation actions you chose to take on the reported incident displays.
    Note that you cannot turn on Continuous Remediation if you did not choose to delete messages when you created the incident.
  5. Select the Email tab to view the following information. Click Export to CSV to export this data.
    • Dates emails were received
    • Sender emails
    • Recipient emails
    • Subjects
    • Status of actions taken, if any
      Status options include:


      Email successfully removed from the user's inbox, or

      User removed email from their inbox


      Email could not be removed from the user's inbox


      CRremoved.pngEmail successfully removed from the user's inbox during Continuous Remediation
      CRfail.pngEmail could not be removed from the user's inbox during Continuous Remediation

      Actions pending

      noAction.pngNo remediation actions taken for this inbox/user
  6. Click the View Email ( viewEmail.png ) icon to view a copy of the email in question, along with its header information.
  7. Select the Users tab to view:
    • Users involved in this incident
    • Whether a user clicked on a link within the email
    • Whether a user replied to or forwarded the email to other users
  8.  Click the Incidents breadcrumb or use your browser's Back button to return to the Incidents page.

To create a new incident from within the Incidents page, refer to Creating an Incident.

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