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Continuous Remediation

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Barracuda Forensics & Incident Response can remediate an incident by deleting emails involved in the incident from users' inboxes. The Continuous Remediation feature extends the period of remediation. When you activate Continuous Remediation, Barracuda Forensics & Incident Response will continue to delete any copies of the email that appear in inboxes for 72 hours after the initial remediation has completed.

Activating Continuous Remediation

To continuously remediate emails:

  1. Create a new Incident.
  2. On the User Options page:
    1. Select the option to delete emails from users' inboxes.
    2. Select the option to turn on Continuous Remediation for this incident.
  3. Complete the process of creating the incident, as described in Creating an Incident.  
Viewing Continuous Remediation Information

On the Incidents page, you can see whether Continuous Remediation is active and the date when it is set to expire.

You can turn Continuous Remediation off at any time. You can also reset the Continuous Remediation timer by turning Continuous Remediation off, then turning it on again.

The number of emails deleted through Continuous Remediation is displayed under the Actions Taken section.

In the Emails Involved section of the Incidents page, emails that were deleted as part of Continuous Remediation are marked with a special icon. Refer to Reviewing Incidents for a list of icons.


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