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Automatic Remediation

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Barracuda Forensics & Incident Response can create and remediate certain incidents automatically, without your involvement. When the system detects a known threat, it moves matching emails from users' mailboxes into their junk folders. Then it sends an alert email to the security team. Automatic remediation is now available for user-reported emails that contain suspicious links and/or suspicious attachments. Additional capabilities for automatic remediation will be available soon. 

For all other types of messages, create an incident manually. Refer to Creating an Incident

Activating Automatic Remediation

Activate automatic remediation where you set other default options – on the Incidents page, click the settings gearIcon.png icon.  

Refer to Setting Default Remediation Options for instructions. 

Viewing Automatic Remediation Information

On the Incidents page, incidents created through Automatic Remediation show Automatic Remediation in the Created By column. 

On the Incident Details page, view the Threats tab for additional information. 

For more information, refer to Reviewing Incidents.


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