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Policy Option Settings

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Note: Options on this tab affect both automatic and manual remediation.    

To set default values for Policy Option Settings:

  1. Log into Incident Response
  2. From the menu, select Settings
  3. On the Settings page, select the Policy Options tab.   
  4. Consider enabling the following options:
    • Add a sender policy to Block|Quarantine emails – Select this option to add a sender policy within Email Gateway Defense, which will either block or quarantine future emails. Choose whether to block by all unique senders (individual addresses) or by all unique domains (each entire unique domain) associated with a new incident. 
      This feature requires that you are using Email Gateway Defense. For more information on sender policies in Email Gateway Defense, refer to Sender and Recipient Analysis.
    • Block all user web traffic for domains contained in links – Select this option to add a DNS filtering block exception within DNS Filtering (part of Barracuda Content Shield). This will block all users in your organization from accessing links associated with an incident you created.
      This feature requires that you are using DNS Filtering (part of Barracuda Content Shield). For more information on DNS filtering block exceptions, refer to Incident Response and DNS Filtering With Barracuda Content Shield.

      This functionality is available only with Barracuda Email Protection Premium and Premium Plus plans. To upgrade to one of these plans, contact your Barracuda Networks Sales Representative. 

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