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Barracuda Link Balancer

How do I configure inbound firewall rules on my Barracuda Link Balancer?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00003689

This solution applies to all Barracuda Link Balancers all firmware versions.

By default, the Barracuda Link Balancer will prevent all incoming connections. Inbound firewall rules can be created to allow certain connections into your network, and they are configured on the Firewall > Inbound page of the Barracuda Link Balancer's web interface.

To allow specific IP addresses, ports or applications to make incoming connections, navigate to the page Firewall > Inbound and click the Add New Firewall Rule button. In the new window that appears, perform the following:

  • Enter a Rule Name.

  • Select whether this rule will become active immediately (select either Enabled or Disabled).

  • Choose an Action; this rule will either Block or Allow matching traffic.

  • Specify the specific Interface for which this rule will be active.

  • Choose the specific Protocol to monitor (by default, ANY protocols are monitored).

  • Select the Source and Destination of the connections that will be affected by this rule. By default, any source or destination will be affected by this new rule. If you would like to narrow down the possible connections that will meet this rule, you may specify a Single Host or a Network as the Source or Destination. If you do so, you will need to enter the corresponding IP Address and Subnet Mask in order to define the Source or Destination Single Host or Network.

  • Choose the specific Application that will be covered by this rule. By default, all applications are included in a new rule, but you can choose a specific application from the drop-down menu if you prefer. To specify a Port instead, enter the port number in the empty field.

  • Finally, provide a Description of the rule.

When you have entered all of the necessary information, and click Add Rule to create the rule. If it was configured as Enabled, it should take effect immediately.

Repeat the above steps for each Interface as desired.

Additional Notes:
The rules are arranged on the Firewall > Inbound page in order of precedence. If more than one rule applies to a given connection, only the first (uppermost) rule that matches will be executed.

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