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Barracuda Link Balancer

How can I use my Barracuda Link Balancer to replace my existing firewall?

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Solution #00003821

All Barracuda Link Balancers in use with all firmware versions.

You can install the Barracuda Link Balancer between your ISP's router and your network switch, to act as both a firewall and a router, by replacing your existing firewall or router and in turn simplifying network management.

This method assumes that you will perform the configuration steps at a convenient location; for example, next to a computer where you can look at your firewall settings. Once this is completed, the Barracuda Link Balancer will be moved to a permanent location.

Step 1: Preparing for installation
Before installing your Barracuda Link Balancer, complete the following tasks:

1.   Verify you have the necessary equipment:
  • Barracuda Link Balancer
  • AC Power cord
  • Ethernet cables
  • Mounting rails and screws
  • VGA monitor
  • PS2 Keyboard
2.   If you already have a firewall and plan to replace it, retrieve the settings to that they can be configured in the Barracuda Link Balancer. Record the IP address and the type of link for each internet connection to be aggregated.

Step 2: Physically connect to the Barracuda Link Balancer
1. Connect a standard VGA monitor, PS2 keyboard, and AC power cord to the Barracuda Link Balancer.
  ** After you connect the AC power cord, the Link Balancer may power on for a few seconds and the power off. This behavior is  normal **
2. Press the blue Power button located on the front panel to turn the unit on. The Barracuda Link Balancer will display the Boot Menu initially, and the Administrative console login prompt once fully loded.

Step 3: Configure with Temporary LAN IP address and network settings
Set the LAN IP addresss of the Barracuda Link Balancer address to be on the same subnet as the computer that you will use to configure the device. This is a temporary setting and it will be changed later after the initial configuration is complete.

1. On the Administrative console displayed on the attached monitor, at the login prompt, enter admin for the login and admin for the password.
2. Configure the LAN adapter so that the Barracuda Link Balancer can be accessed from the computer you will use to configure it. Enter the IP Address, Netmask, Primary DNS Server and Secondary DNS Server as appropriate for your local area network.  Save you changes and exit
3. Connnect an Ethernet cable from your LAN to the LAN port on the back panel of the Barracuda Link Balancer.

Step 4: Log into the Barracuda Link Balancer Web interface
To log into the Web interface using a computer that is connected to the same subnet as the Barracuda Link Balancer's LAN adapter:

1. Open a web browser, enter the LAN IP address of the Barracuda Link Balancer followed by a colon and 8000, which is the default Web interface HTTP port.
2. To log into the administration interface, enter admin for the username and admin for the password.

Step 5: Configure the WAN links
1. Go to the Basic > Links page.
2. Click the WAN1 port in the graphic.
3. In the Links Configuration box, enter the details for the link to be connected to the WAN1 port, and click Save Changes.
4. Repeat for each link that will be connected to this unit.

Step 6: Configure the firewall
Configure the firewall rules to match the settings of your current firewall:

1. Go to the Firewall > Inbound page to add inbound rules.                
See solutions #00003689
, #00003692, #00003671
2. Go to the Firewall > Outbound page to add outbound rules.                        
See solution #00003690
3. Go to the Firewall > Application page to add application specific rules.
4. Go to the Firewall > Bandwidth Management page to add Quality of Service rules.

Step 7: Change the Administrator Password
To prevent unauthorized use, change the default administrator password to a more secure password. You can only change the administrator password for the Web interface. You cannot change the password for the Administrative console, but this is only accessble via the keyboard which you can disconnect at any time.

1. Go to the Basic > Administration page and enter you old and new passwords and click Save Password.

Step 8: Set Permanent LAN IP address
If the permanent LAN IP address will be different, you must change it now:

1. Using the Web interface, go to the Basic > Administration page, change the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and click Save Changes.
** If the LAN IP address in on a different subnet, your connection will terminate ***
** The LAN IP address can also be changed from the Administrative Console via the attached keyboard **

Step 9: Permanently install the Barracuda Link Balancer
Now that the Barracuda Link Balancer is configured, install it in the permanent location ant connect it to your WAN links:

1. Mount the Barracuda Link Balancer in a 19-inch rack or place it in a stable location. To ensure proper ventilation, do not block the cooling vents on the front and back of the unit.
2. Connect each of the cables from the Internet links into a WAN port on the front of the Barracuda Link Balancer. The ports are labeled WAN1, WAN2, etc. These port correspond to the WAN port that you configured in the Web interface. Be sure to connect them according to your configuration. It is recommended that you label the ethernet cables.
3. Connect an Ethernet cable from your network switch to the LAN Ethernet port on the back panel of the Barracuda Link Balancer

Step 10: Test Connectivity
1. Log into the Web interface using the permanent LAN IP address and go to the Basic > Links page. The status of each link should appear as Connected. You can see the utilization of each link by hovering the mouse over the graphic.
2. Generate some traffic: open more tabs in your browser, or download files from the Internet for example. Go to the Basic > Status page to view graphs which show the incoming and outgoing traffic for each link.
3. You can continue to monitor the WAN inks using the Basic > Links page and the Basic > Status page.

Step 11: Activate Subscription
Now that you are connected to the Internet, verify your subscription status and activate your unit if you have not already done so.

Step 12: Update the Firmware
Go to the Advanced > Firmware Update page to see if there is a new Latest General Release available for download.

Step 13: Connect other subnets
To allow other subnets to use the Internet links accessible only through the Barracuda Link Balancer, add Static Routes:

1. From the Web interface, go to Adavanced > IP config.          
See solution #00003700
2. Test connectivity from each internal network by changing the gateway IP address of a computer on each subnet to the LAN IP address of the Barracuda Link Balancer. Check that you can access the Internet from each of these test computers.

Step 14: Include all clients
If the LAN IP address of the Barracuda Link Balancer is the same as the IP address of the firewall that you removed, you can skip this step.

Make the Barracuda Link Balancer the default gateway:

1. Update the configuration of the DHCP server for the clients to give out the LAN IP address of the Barracda Link Balancer as the default gateway. As the leases are renewed, each client will gain access to the new internet links.
2. Changed the default gateway of any clients with static IP addresses to the LAN IP address of the Barracuda Link Balancer.

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