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Barracuda Link Balancer

How can I configure a 1-to-1 NAT or Port Forwarding on my Barracuda Link Balancer using firmware version 1.1 and above?

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All Barracuda Link Balancers, firmware version 1.1 and above.

If you have several external IPs that relate directly to internal IPs, one external IP for each internal IP, you can preserve these NATs (Network Address Translations) when you install your Barracuda Link Balancer. When configuring NAT rules on the Barracuda Link Balancer, they will work in both directions, allowing your servers to use their assigned external IPs when communicating with other machines across the Internet.

To configure a 1-to-1 NAT rule on your Barracuda Link Balancer, you must first configure the public IP for the link (Internet conection) for which that IP has been provided. This is done on the Basic > Links page. Find that link in the list of configured links, and expand the configuration by clicking the small button next to that link in the Configure column. Once the additional options are displayed, enter the public IP address you would like to NAT into the Additional IP Addresses field. To reveal additional fields (to add multiple public IPs), click the + button.

Next, go to the Firewall > NAT page. Under the Inbound 1:1 NAT Rules heading, you should see a list of all currently configured NAT rules. To add one, click the Add New 1:1 NAT Rule button. A new window should appear. In this window, enter a name and description for the rule, select the external IP address from the drop-down menu (this list is populated by any Additional IP Addresses that have been entered on the Basic > Links page), and enter the corresponding internal IP address. Click Add Rule when you are finished. If Enabled, any traffic addressed to the external IP should be forwarded directly to the internal IP specified, and any outgoing traffic coming from that internal IP should be translated to the external IP as it passes through the Barracuda Link Balancer.

You can set up inbound port forwarding rules to direct any port or application, using any of the WAN links, to an internal IP address from the Port Forwarding section of the Firewall > NAT page. Enter a Name for the description, choose the appropriate Listen Interface, Listen IP, and Port, and enter the Forward IP and Port. The new port forward rule becomes active one the Add button is clicked. To remove a Port Forwarding rule, click the trash can at the far right of the rule.

Additional Notes:

- Port forwarding applies to inbound traffic only. No additional firewall rules are needed to open the ports that are forwarded.

- The appropriate return path is handled automatically.

- Forward IP:Port combinations should be unique or share the same Listen Interface.

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