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Barracuda Link Balancer

How does the Barracuda Link Balancer determine link connectivity?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
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All Barracuda Link Balancer models, all firmware versions


The Barracuda Link Balancer has the ability to check connectivity of each link with the Health Check feature found at the bottom of the particular link configuration (i.e. WAN1, WAN2, etc) on the Basic > Links page. Five testing methods are available: Always Pass, Ping, HTTP, DNS, and TCP Port Check. Unless you choose Always Pass, you can enter multiple test targets for each test. If the test fails on all of the targets then the link will not be used.

Link failure results are available on Basic > Links and Basic > Status pages. Only one test target is required to perform a check. For example, if you select the Ping test, you can enter,, and in the Test feilds. The Link Balancer will check against each domain and, if all three fail, the link will be brought down until one of the domains reply to the ping request. If only two domains are entered then two will be tested; and so on.

Additional Notes:
The default Link Health Check is a ping request to the configured default gateway of the link being tested.

Mousing over the link images on the Basic > Links page will show details about the connection such as current IP address, state, and utilization.

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