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Barracuda Link Balancer

How can I configure an 'A' record for a domain name without the 'www.' ( using Authoritative DNS?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00004396

All Barracuda Link Balancer models, firmware version 1.2 and above.

When setting up a DNS record for your domain on the Services > Authoritative DNS page, you will typically create an 'A' record for '', by clicking the  'Add New Record' button at the top of domain's DNS Record, in the DNS Record configuration window, specify the record Type as 'A, the record' Name as 'www', and specify the IP address the 'A' record will resolve to. However, in the case where you would like '' and '' to be accessible, and resolve to the same IP address, you will need to setup an alias for the 'www' record created, so that the domain will resolve without the 'www' in the requested URL. .

After an 'A' record has been created in Authoritative DNS for '', follow these steps to create a record for ''
  1. Click 'Add New Record'
  2. Choose CNAME as the Type
  3. Enter www as the Alias
  4. Enter @ as the Canonical Name
  5. Create an additiional 'A' record for the '@' Canonical Name, and choose which interface(s)/IP(s) you want the domain to respond on, or you may select 'Custom' to enter an IP address outside of the Link Balancer network.
Your domain should now be able to resolve with and without the 'www'.

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