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Barracuda Link Balancer

How do I setup my Barracuda Link Balancer as a DHCP server?

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All Barracuda Link Balancers models, firmware versions 1.3 and later.

The Barracuda Link Balancer can act as a DHCP server to dynamically assign IP Addresses, DNS servers, NTP servers, and WINS servers to machines connected to the Link Balancer LAN that are using the Link Balancer as the primary gateway. To enable DHCP server, go to the SERVICES > DHCP Server page.

Set the following values which are passed to local DHCP clients:

DNS Setting
  • To enable DHCP Server, set DHCP Server Enabled to Yes.
NTP Setting
  • By default, is the NTP server passed to DHCP clients. You may specify your own choices.
WINS Setting
  • Enter the address of your WINS servers, if you have them.
Set the Default Lease Time, in seconds, to the default DHCP lease time. The server uses the default lease time unless the client requests a specific lease time.

Set the Maximum Lease Time, in seconds, to the maximum length of any DHCP lease. If the client requests a lease time, this is the maximum time that will be allowed.

Static Leases
  • Define the range of IP addresses available to be leased. Enter the Beginning IP Address, the Ending IP Address and the Subnet Mask.
  • This section allows you to request that the DHCP server allocate a certain IP address to a system and to view IP addresses that have already been reserved. 
    • To reserve IP addresses
      • In the text entry field, type the system's Hostname, MAC Address, and the desired IP address. Click Add.
      • The IP addresses to be assigned must be within the Static Lease Range.
Dynamic Leases
  • This section shows all active DHCP leases. For each dynamic lease you can view the Hostname, MAC Address, IP Address, Start Date and End Date of the DHCP lease.
  • Click Release to release the IP address and MAC address binding.
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