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Barracuda Link Balancer

How do I configure High Availability on my two Barracuda Link Balancers?

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Barracuda Link Balancers models 330 and above, firmware version and above.

You can create an active-passive failover configuration with two Barracuda Link Balancers. The active system handles all of the traffic until one of the following experiences a failure, or an outage:
  • The system itself
  • The LAN connection
  • Optionally, all of its WAN links
Then the passive system becomes active and link balances the traffic from the WAN links.

The two systems monitor the other's status either over the LAN or through a private connection using a crossover cable between their LAN2 ports. The second option is only available on models that have a physical LAN port on the front of the system. On those systems, the Ethernet port on the back is the LAN2 port

The systems communicate according to the VRRP  (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) specification. Both are configured with one virtual IP address called the VRRP virtual IP address. The address is serviced only by the active system if the active system is active. If the passive system takes over, it assumes this address.

  • Two (and only two) Barracuda Link Balancers of the same model.
  • Each box must be on the same version of firmware ( or later recommended).
  • The active system should be fully configured. The backup system must be activated and have its LAN IP address configured and firmware updated. It should be connected to the LAN and WAN.
To create a cluster of two Barracuda Link Balancers:

On the ADVANCED > High Availability page on the active Barracuda Link Balancer, complete all of the fields in the Cluster Settings section:

and click Save Changes.

On the ADVANCED > High Availability page on the passive Barracuda Link Balancer:

When the passive Barracuda Link Balancer becomes operational, refresh the ADVANCED > High Availability page on both Barracuda Link Balancers and verify that:
Additional Notes:
To update firmware the firmware of clustered Barracuda Link Balancers, update the passive system first. Make sure the Failback Mode is set to Manual to insure that the transfer of control from one system to the other does not happen while the firmware update is in process.

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