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Barracuda Link Balancer

Why are ping and traceroute not using the specified link on my Outbound Application Routing Policies on my Barracuda Link Balancer?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago

Solution #00005375



Applies to all Barracuda Link Balancers, firmware versions 2.1 and above with the firewall enabled/disabled.



By design, the Policy > Outbound Application Routing Rules on a Barracuda Link Balancer apply to whichever protocol is used to define the rule and does not apply to ICMP. If you need to use ICMP (ping & traceroute) to test the integrity of your existing outbound routing policies then you must define the ICMP protocol as a Customer Application and include it in the policies that will be tested.


Please reference the guide below:


Define a custom application for ICMP


  1. Go to Policy > Applications: Custom Application and configure a name for the application, select ICMP for the Protocol, and indicate a port range.
  2.  Click Add and Save Changes.


Note: If you want to modify an existing rule then you will need to edit your rules via the Bulk Edit button pop-up window. Within the pop-up window, each string in the first row is separated by a comma and defines a column on the IP/Application Routing table. If you are uncomfortable with making changes to the Bulk Edit page then you may delete the rule that needs to be tested via ICMP and follow the steps provided below.


Configure a new IP/Application Routing Rule and/or Outbound Source NAT Rule for testing via ICMP:


Go to Policy > Outbound Routing. Add a rule to one or each of the following tables. For details, reference the Help link located in the top-right corner of the page).

    • IP/Application Routing
    • Outbound Source NAT
    • Masquerade IP Address/Range


Configure an existing IP/Application routing rule and/or Outbound Source NAT rule for testing via ICMP:


Go to Policy > Outbound Routing and click on the Bulk Edit button of the table you need to modify and maximize the size of the Bulk Edit pop-up window. Search for the rule you need to modify and follow the format provided on the first row. Enter the ?exact name? of the new Customer Application defined in Policy > Applications: Custom Application. Note: be sure it is separated by a comma. Save the changes.

Link to this page: