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Barracuda Load Balancer


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The Barracuda Load Balancer integrates IP load balancing and network intrusion prevention, and provides comprehensive Failover capabilities and integrated protection from network intrusions:

  • Setting Up Multiport Link Aggregationfor increased bandwidth (available only on model 640 that includes PORT1 through PORT10 running firmware 4.2 or higher)
  • Default gateway for the Mgmt port. On the BASIC > IP Configuration page you can define a default gateway on the Management (MGMT) port
  • Ability to create a bond interface with a unique bond name and create unique link bonds on the ADVANCED > Advanced Networking page (available on model 640)
  • Configure VLANs on the ADVANCED > Advanced Networking page (available on all models)  
  • Define custom virtual interfaces on the ADVANCED > Advanced Networking page
  • Define static routes on the ADVANCED Advanced Networking page
  • Create source network address translation (SNAT) rules to allow Real Servers to forward traffic on the ADVANCED > Advanced Networking page  
  • Enable IP Masquerading to allow Real Servers to connect directly to the Internet on the ADVANCED > Advanced Networking page

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