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Barracuda Load Balancer

Sizing CPU, RAM and Disk for Your Barracuda Load Balancer Vx

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Barracuda Networks recommends the following sizing for initial deployment of your virtual appliance, or upgrading existing installations.

RAM and Cores

ModelMaximum #CoresRAM - Recommended Minimum
34022 GB
4404 (1) 4 GB(1)
5405 (1)5 GB(1)
6406 or more(1)6 GB(1)
Note: (1) 1 GB per core.


You need to provision the number of cores in your hypervisor before the Barracuda Load Balancer Vx can make use of them. Each model can only make use of a certain number of cores. If you assign 6 cores, for example, to a model 340 Barracuda Load Balancer Vx, which can only make use of 2 cores, the virtual machine will turn off the extra cores that cannot be used.

To add cores:

  1. Shut down your hypervisor.
  2. Go into Hypervisor settings.
  3. Add CPUs.

    The number of CPUs shown that you can add will vary with your hypervisor licensing and version. In some cases, the number of CPUs you can add must be a multiple of 2.

Hard Drives

Barracuda Networks requires a minimum of 50GB hard disk space to run your Barracuda Load Balancer Vx:

ModelHard Disk Space
34050-200 GB
44050-500 GB
54050-500 GB
64050-500 GB

From your hypervisor, you can edit the provisioned size of the hard drives, or you can add a hard drive.

To add a hard drive:

  1. Shut down your Barracuda Load Balancer Vx.
  2. Take a snapshot of your virtual machine.
  3. Edit the settings in your virtual machine and either increase the size of the hard drive or add a new hard drive.
  4. Restart the virtual machine. As it is booting up, using the POPOUT CONSOLE, a blue screen pop-up displays asking if you want to use the new additional space. Answer Yes. Note that the pop-up will time out after 30 seconds if you do not respond, and the answer will default to No. Resizing may take several minutes, depending on the amount of provisioned hard drive space.
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