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Barracuda Load Balancer

FTP Service and FTPS Service

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FTP Service

You can create a Service with type Layer 7 - FTP to allow the Barracuda Load Balancer to process FTP traffic from the clients to the servers. An FTP client connects to an FTP server to manipulate files on that server. Both passive and active FTP are supported.

If passive FTP is to be used, and if the Barracuda Load Balancer is behind a NAT’ing firewall, you should specify an IP address and one or more ports that are sent in the response to a PASV request from a client. The client connects to the specified IP address and port to receive the data. Usually this address is the external IP address that is translated by the firewall to the Virtual IP address of the FTP Service. The port or ports are those allowed by the firewall. Enter the IP address and port(s) on the Service Detail page.

FTPS Service

A Service with type Layer 7 - FTPS supports encrypted FTP traffic. It only supports passive and not active FTP.

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