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Barracuda Load Balancer ADC

Configuring Parameter Protection

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Parameter protection defends the service from attacks based on parameter values in the absence of a parameter profile. It is a replacement for the settings that can otherwise be found under a parameter profile, and applies to all parameters when profiles are not being used. It defines strict limitations in form fields and other parameters. It deep inspects user input when a FORM is submitted. This allows users to set up validation rules for FORM parameters.

Special characters such as " ' ", " ; " or ' ' are used to embed SQL expressions in parameter values. SQL keywords such as "OR," "SELECT," "UNION" can be embedded in parameter values to exploit vulnerabilities. Special characters such as '<' or keywords such as "<script>," "<img" are used to embed html tags in parameter values in the case of Cross-Site Scripting attacks. Keywords such as "xp_cmdshell" are used in System Command Injection attacks.

To configure parameter protection, go to SECURITY > Security Policies, select a policy, and scroll down to the Parameter Protection section. See the Online Help on the Barracuda Load Balancer ADC for detail instructions on how to configure parameter protection.

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